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Our Pledge

At Media Warehouse believe in giving back to the community. As such, our pledge is to inspire, train, build and lead Caymanian school leavers & college students who are seeking a carreer in design, communications and marketing.
We have teamed up with institution to provide students with an opportunity to learn and experience first hand 21st century marketing concepts and techniques, while benefiting from the autonomy of earning an income that will not interfere with their study time. They will have the freedom to use their creativity and freshly learned knowledge and will be encouraged to assist us in creating powerful marketing campaigns for our clients.
When you choose Media Warehouse you are also contributing to inspire, train, build and lead young minds to pursue higher education. In addition to our training program we also are pledging 10% of net profits at the end of each fiscal year for our SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM to financially assist those students who most need it. Help us make a difference in our community and let us help you take your business to new heights.

Media Warehouse Limited

A Social Digital Advertising & Search Agency

Media Warehouse Limited seeks to connect brands with users by bridging market demands and business goals.

First there was word-of-mouth, then came print, followed by radio and video. Online Marketing brought all these elements together and the ability to see live stats and metrics with unprecedented local and international reach at our fingertip.

Content-based marketing its repeated in social media and increases word-of-mouth mentions; it's the best way to garner buzz about a product or service.

This will help you increase your current customer loyalty and referrals.


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Social Media Marketing:

In the world that we live in today people are bombarded with a constant flow of information often classified digital noise and if you do not have a coherent message across multiple platforms you may end up in the digital noise zone.

Connectivity is not the key. Accurate, focussed, and directed multi-platform online marketing is and we at Instamedia will ensure to deliver your message across multiple electronic media platforms so you can have a consistent and coherent message on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Tumblr and others.

Search Engine Optimzation:

A website without SEO is like a car without gas. At Media Warehouse Limited we understand the importance of being found when your customers are searching for the keywords relevant to your business and staying above your competitors.

Studies have shown that 91 % of all online purchases initiated on a Search Engine. The same applies to researching for a carpenter, a telephone number for a local business or who is the top and most reputable builder in the city.

Web Building

Your website is your calling card. It explains what you do in depth, some may contain pricing or your portfolio of existing and past clients. It has your contact information and testimonials. A website is such a powerful tool used to drive traffic to your business both locally and internationally that's why a professionally-looking, google-friendly and focussed site is a must. Let us help you build and or transform your existing website into a money-making machine.

Pay Per Click:

When you need results fast, a pay-per-click campaign may be what you must opt to. SEO will in time get you to that predominant ranking spot organically. But what happens during seasonal events and or industry peak times and you are not there yet? You may loose potential revenue if your clients cannot find you. What about awareness? have you seen those fabulous image ads from local companies on websites you visit? Network Display Ads are another form of pay-per-click campaigns that get you the results you always wanted.

Email Marketing:

Your customers want to receive newsletters with information about the services and products they love specially if these come in the form of discounts and special offers. At Media Warehouse Limited we do not spam people, we help you deliver valuable content that is appreciated by your clients and bring positive results. We use other platforms to generate and grow your contact list. Call us today to find out how you can effectively market your business the right way.

Personalized Stock Photos:

No matter how professional the stock photo, it will always be someone else's vision and interpretation of the idea, concept, and emotion that you are trying to convey. As the old adage goes, "a picture is worth a 1000 words." Have your marketing material done with personalized stock photos of your business and demographics. Our team will make your vision come true!